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We can build a brand new website, web app, e-shop from scratch and make it ultra-fast, search engine optimized, perfectly suited to your needs, style and business.

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Mobile-first web projects

Our web projects are fully responsive, perfectly adaptable to smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops.

Dynamic, manageable web content

YOU are in control of your website. Edit text, images, albums and much more with a cutting-edge, open-source Content Management System.

Web presence that suits YOU

Enjoy aesthetics that are perfectly adjusted to your style and business image.

Optimized pages

Your clients and guests will enjoy lightning-fast loading times when visiting your pages.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Boost your business profile, products and services by appearing at the top of search results. Cream of the crop, top of the heap!

Software development

Let's talk; we may be able to code the solution to your problems and deliver a piece of software that really helps you out.


Based on knowledge and experience in technology, we can provide useful advice, insights and tips that improve your business model and efficiency.

Support and reliability

We provide support that wants you to become the master of your web presence.


RMS - Restaurant Management System

Take your business to the next level with our state of the art, reliable and economic management system. Receive online orders without commission!

They trust us for a reason.

RMS features

RMS is a restaurant management system that provides everything a professional wants and more. RMS is a rich suite of services that comprises two parts: a management tool for the professional and a B2C website for online order placement. Designed with reliability in mind, along with speed, ease of use and clarity, and having a multitude of innovative features, RMS makes for a system that really stands out.

  • Supports delivery, take-away, online delivery, online take-away and in-house orders.
  • Fast and flexible order placement:: adjust the product by choosing its type, adding and removing ingredients and adding comments.
  • Calculates distance and route for a delivery order.
  • Shortest route calculation: too many orders to be delivered? It's easy to determine which orders should be sent together and the shortest path of delivery.
  • Supports multiple stores, delivery range restriction and minimum order price enforcement.
  • Receive feedback from your customers for the online orders.
  • Supervise your staff: see when the last action was taken, along with amounts for which cashiers and delivery persons are responsible.
  • View statistics, which will be enriched through system updates.
  • Storage/Stock Management: track ingredients, products and recipes by their remaining quantity and their expiration date. Includes a storage transaction history, as well as automatic stock decrease on every order made.
  • Offer Generator: unleash your imagination, create the offers you want and adjust them with our flexible offer generator.
  • Cloud Print: print your orders from any printer you wish, no matter where you are, no matter where it is.
  • Distributed printing: print at the kitchen, bar or anywhere else depending on the ordered items.
  • Any route is easy for delivery: every order print-out includes a QR code. The delivery person scans it and receives driving instructions for the customer's address on the map.
  • Quick and easy assignment of an order to a delivery person by QR code scanning with a smartphone or through a barcode and a barcode scanner.
  • Access from anywhere, since RMS is a Web Information System.
  • Boost the accessibility of your business and unburden your phone orders: your customers can place their orders online, from your website.
  • Access from any device, such as smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.
  • Place in-house orders with just a smartphone: raise the productivity of your service staff with our RMS App.
  • Multi-user management tool with multiple access levels.
  • Multilingual environment.

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